Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes

I've spent the last ten years working in various aspects of the fashion and media industries, principally focused on creating media and infrastructure around sustainability. I am the co-founder of Source4Style, an award-winning B2B online marketplace that connects thousands of fashion designers across 70+ countries to sustainable suppliers throughout the world; producer of numerous films and former correspondent on Discovery Networks; and author of best-selling style guide, "Style, Naturally." I've also worked closely with leading brands such as Payless, Portico, Modo, Toyota, Aveeno and others in order to create more environmentally-preferable products and programs. Over the past 10 years I've also used my platform as a model with NEXT Models to elevate the conversation on social, environmental and health-related issues. I often get asked by countless people on how to create enriching, rewarding and worthwhile personal careers and companies; inquiries on sustainable design-related topics; and of course personal counseling on the rigors and mystery behind modeling and keeping yourself sane and fit - so that's why I'm here on popexpert. You can see more of my work at:

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    Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion & Beauty

    Style meets substance in this lavishly illustrated highly informative and beautifully designed book on sustainable fashion and beauty. Summer Rayne...

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    The Skinny of Fashion's Body Image Issue

    A look inside the industry that often dictates body image for women.

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    Fashion as a sustainability business: Rio+ 20 Fashion Summit

    Summer Rayne Oakes shares her insights on bringing sustainability into the fashion industry at the Rio+20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 2012.


    Smart & Beautiful: Innovations in Sustainable Design

    Ethical fashion design is vibrant and IN - especially among independent designers. Summer Rayne Oakes, model, Discovery Channel's Planet Green corr...


    Prius C Meets Its Muse: Summer Rayne Oakes

    That’s just what happened when Toyota’s development team chose a single individual to serve as muse for the design of the new compact Prius C. Turn...


    Columbia Business School: Sustainable Business Panel

    Summer Rayne Oakes at the Columbia Business School's Sustainable Business Panel.


    Cooper Hewitt Museum's Sustainable Design Talk

    Summer Rayne Oakes talks at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum on the launch of Source4Style and how the tool can use technology to help make sustaina...


    Pirelli Calendar 2013 inspires questions on activism + entrepreneurship

    The Pirelli Calendar 2013 showed a different side of itself this year with a calendar shot by acclaimed documentary photographer, Steve McCurry and...


    The Rise of Youth Movement: Pirelli Calendar 2013

    Models Summer Rayne Oakes and Kyleigh Kuhn speak about the rise of activism among young people at the Pirelli 2013 Calendar press event.


    Summer Rayne Oakes: From Rainforests to Runways

    The modeling reel for Summer Rayne Oakes.


    Around the World with Summer Rayne Oakes

    Take a trip around the world highlighting the work of model-activist-entrepreneur Summer Rayne Oakes.


    Beyond the Wild: Saving the Sacred Headwaters

    In this short film produced by Above, Summer Rayne Oakes, Wade Davis and Oscar Dennis discuss the issues around the conservation and preservation o...


    Cutting Edge: How to Dye Like you Give a Damn

    Summer Rayne Oakes of Source4Style explores how the fashion industry is starting to use more eco-friendly processing techniques to dye textiles in ...


    eXtinction film featuring Summer Rayne Oakes

    eXtinction is an environmental art short that brings together powerful storytelling and stirring imagery.

    It reveals that the most pressing envi...


    The Cutting Edge: How to Lose Water Weight

    Summer Rayne Oakes of Source4Style explores how brands are cutting back on their "water weight" in this episode of THE CUTTING EDGE: Sustainable De...


    Summer Rayne Oakes' & Clayton Haskell's eXtinction screening

    July 7, 2011. Features behind-the-scenes at the NYC private screening of eXtinction at Phaidon | Store. Produced by Summer Rayne Oakes. Directed by...


    Summer Rayne Oakes for Aveeno's Be an Active Natural Campaign

    Model and sustainability strategist, Summer Rayne Oakes for Aveeno's Smart Essentials collection & the Be an Active Natural Campaign.


    Aveeno Smart Essentials Active Naturals: 15 sec

    Summer Rayne Oakes, model and sustainability consultant for Aveeno's Smart Essentials collection and the Be An Active Natural Campaign


    Summer Rayne Oakes & Jon Preston featuring Modo and Moby

    A look at the eco and eco by Summer Rayne Oakes collection of sunglasses and optics.


    The Cutting Edge: Frankenstein Fashion

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    Interview with Summer Rayne Oakes on ABOVE Magazine

    A candid interview with model and Editor-at-Large of ABOVE Magazine, Summer Rayne Oakes.

    ABOVE is a cutting-edge publication with strong editori...


    The "End of Bees film" for ABOVE-Magazine featuring Summer Rayne Oakes

    Short film produced. shot, and directed by filmmaker Clayton Haskell for ABOVE magazine, featuring the Summer Rayne Oakes bee shoot at the Puntacan...


    Organic Chemicals in Sewage Sludges

    Sewage sludges are residues resulting from the treatment of wastewater released from various sources including homes, industries, medical faciliti...

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    The majority of U.S. sewage sludges are disposed by application to land for use as a soil amendment. Class B sludges, containing a complex mix of c...

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    Sumer Rayne Oakes Conversations

    The weekly video series from Summer Rayne Oakes highlighting conversations with cool people about what matters most.


    Summer Rayne Oakes: My Life as a Model: Choosing Not to Objectify Myself

    A personal look into building a healthy image within the modeling industry.

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    8 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Exciting

    No matter what way you slice it, relationships with significant others always require work. Even the best ones can grow a little too comfortable, w...

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    Discussion Topics

    You and Summer Rayne could talk about...

    Career Advice: How to get started in a creative career path

    So many of us are paralyzed when wanting to go out on his/her own creative career path. I'll listen to your needs and help share my story on how I made my own creative career path a reality. Learn the risk, rewards, and tips on making some of your wildest dreams a reality.


    Learn to break free from your sugar cravings

    Sugar has become the world's most favorite recreational drug of choice and is affecting our health and the potential health of our offspring. A recent Credit Suisse report revealed that over $1 trillion of our healthcare costs in the U.S. alone are linked to our overconsumption of sugar! If you want to truly learn how to break a sugar reliance or sugar addiction, I will take you through a 30-day detox so that you can truly feel happier, healthier and finally be able to kick your cravings for sweets.


    Modeling 101: Break into the Industry and Make a Difference

    Due to the interest and inquiries that I get from a variety of young women and men around the world, I wanted to create a special session focused strictly on the world of modeling. People interested in entering the industry or who want first-hand knowledge of the world will get an intimate view of the inner workings of the industry, including the basics such as, how to approach an agency; what type of photos you need; developing a healthy nutrition and exercise regime; how to avoid pitfalls; and what to do when you are in an uncomfortable situation. The second half of the session will also build your confidence around the idea of saying "No" to certain jobs and how one can use the platform to create positive change.

    Additional: Keep in mind that modeling is one of the most brutal industries in the world when it comes to wrecking havoc on women (and men!) and their body image - but through the last 10 years of modeling, I have only become more centered and confident. One of the requirements of working in the world of modeling and media is obviously keeping up appearances. Even though I'm not standard industry size, I've learned to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit that is right for me. I believe it's necessary to make sure you approach the industry in a healthy manner and hope to share my tactics on developing a love for a healthy mind, body and spirit.


    Learn all about the Art & Science of Sustainable Design

    Though sometimes slighted for its frivolous and fickle nature, the textiles and clothing industry is undeniably one of the most important trades today. Serving as a linchpin for national economic development, cultural identity, and consumer engagement, the fashion industry has been and will continue to be an integral player on the world stage. Since the 1990s, sustainability in design has emerged center-stage, but it is still poorly understood as a concept and less so as a practice. In these sessions, I'll take you through a brief history of key developments within fashion over the past four centuries, a snapshot of sustainability advancements over the past three decades, and an evaluative inspection into the future of sustainable design.

    Beginner, Intermediate

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    These folks can vouch for Summer Rayne's expertise


    Ken Seiff

    Summer has the DNA of a successful entrepreneur. She is customer centric and singlemindedly focused on building out her idea from the vantage of the customer--and she has built in significant feedback loops to insure she accomplishes this. She is a superb executor and has created a website that is far better (on far less on investment) than companies in her competitive set. She has a broad set of relationships with people who want to see her succeed and she is good at leveraging them because she is open to outside opens and ideas. Summer has a clear vision of what she is trying to build and is always ready to make a quick decision when it is required.

    via linkedin

    Jeffrey Sklar

    Summer is a true talent - a writer, a spokesperson, a dedicated advocate of all issues green and sustainable. She is bright, outgoing and vibrant. She has built an industry around her passions and interests and the world is better as a result. If you have the opportunity to work with Summer, you should jump at the chance.

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    Nicolas Rachline

    Summer Raynes Oak is the "real thing". She lives by what she preaches and her preaching talents are unmatched. She is a scholar, an adventurer, fashion model and role model. No one I know represents the environmental movement more vividly and actively. She is fearless and tireless.

    via linkedin