Robin Good

Robin Good

Hi, since 2000 I am the publisher of and from 2008 I am the founder of Robin Good University - POP Campus, an online startup incubator (only open to Italian entrepreneurs at this time).

My focus is on communication strategy with the use of new media technologies and specifically in analyzing:

-> online market positioning -> how to create value and reputation -> identifying key market advantages to exploit -> evaluating existing competition -> improving UI and usability -> communication strategy with prospective customers -> launch and pricing strategy

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    Since 2000 the web magazine for independent web publishers


    Content Curation World

    Since 2000 the web magazine for independent web publishers


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    Robin Good University - POP Campus

    The POP Campus is an online coaching lab for information-based startups


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    You and Robin could talk about...

    Website or App Review and Suggestions for Improvement

    I do a real-time checkup of your website, service or app while talking to you while identifying the specific areas, elements and approaches that show to present problems or that have ample margins of improvement.

    Review your Business Startup Idea

    Let me analyze your startup idea and plans and give you my feedback about the viability of it and about the priorities you should be targeting first.

    Social Media Strategy Review

    This is a check up of your existing social media strategy and results, targeted at identifying weak areas and at listing specific new actions and approaches to take on board to improve fan following and engagement.

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    These folks can vouch for Robin's expertise


    Antonio Tombolini

    Robin Good represents to me what a "teacher" should be nowadays. He's well informed and passionate, he masters the fine art of communicating to your head as well as to your heart, he's a super-brilliant speaker, and - most of all - he is a great motivator, able to extract the best out of your abilities and skills. I learned a lot from him.

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    Jay Cross

    Robin Good is not just an amazing publicist, a pioneer curator, and the savviest guy I know but he's also tireless and ahead of his time. I've never gushed like this in a recommendation on LinkedIn, but then Robin never asked me before. If you have an opportunity to work with Robin, do it. You can thank me later.

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    David Buchan

    Robin Good has been a leader in helping people understand what multimedia is about and how it can be used. With so much technical information on Photoshop etc, Robin guides you to why such tools are important and where they work as tools rather than solutions in themselves.

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    Gennaro Brooks-Church

    I have sought out Robin Goods consulting expertise on a couple occasions regarding online conferencing and online education. He is a great person to work with. His energy is always positive and giving. He is very experienced in his field and is able to clearly communicate the information in a useful way. I know I can count on him whenever I contact him for work. Thanks Robin!

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    John Blossom

    I have enjoyed working with and learning from Robin Good immensely, he is one of the most insightful and dedicated people involved in making the Web work for everyday people and businesses. He was far ahead of his time in developing business models for success as an online media expert and continues to develop exciting paths to success online.

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    Stefano Mizzella

    Robin Good is the king of nanopublishing. The cover of Time 2006 is ideally dedicated to people like him who alone, just with talent and creativity, can challenge the giants of communication. One of the most authoritative sources in the area of new media. An example to follow for those who want to be part of the information society.

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    roberto galoppini

    Robin helped me when I was starting my commercial open source blog, pushing me to take important decisions before, and later making insightful comments that helped me to understand the importance of all details. He is professional, intelligent and creative, and also a good friend.

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    giuseppe sangiorgio

    Non amo la definizione di "Guru del web". Ma se un guru esiste in Italia questi è Robin Good. Sono diventato da subito suo fan, e devo moltissimo alla sua competenza e al suo approccio unico la mia formazione sul web 2.0. Non ve lo raccomando io, perché si raccomanda da solo.

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