Mikaela Reuben

Mikaela Reuben

Mikaela Reuben is a culinary nutritionist and health consultant who works one-on-one with individuals to create lifestyle transformation. Mikaela specializes in designing food and wellness strategies to help people achieve optimal health in whatever form that means to them. Considering all aspects of their lifestyle and the goals of the individual, she creates plans that lead to sustainable change.

The objective of the popexpert session will be to start with an initial health consultation and then create personalized suggestions focusing on the individuals specific goals, whether they are delivered in the form of online one-on-one cooking courses, goals around weight loss, meal planning, or any other area of health that is in need of a little sparkle. The online technique courses can give you useful hands on experience, giving you confidence in the kitchen and around food planning. Those that want to receive more support and guidance can continue taking sessions as they wish.

Mikaela’s passion is help individuals achieve a healthier and ultimately happier life

$55 for the first session,
$110 after that

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    This is my creative expression of the adventure that food has to the table.


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    Mikaela Reuben Nutrition Specialist & Health Coach

    This is my nutrition website. Find more bio information and description of services here.


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    Mikaela Reuben's Health Coaching Tip

    Mikaela Reuben offers nutrition and health coaching on popexpert, check out her 90 second tip to help you eat healthier!


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    Discussion Topics

    You and Mikaela could talk about...

    Meal Planning for Ultimate Health

    The daily hustle and bustle doesn't help us prioritize getting optimal nutrients into our bodies. Learning how to plan realistically, given specific lifestyles, to get the right fuel will help with weight loss, concentration, beauty, and overall health. 

    Holistic Strategies for Wellness

    How to integrate small changes to create powerful and sustainable shifts resulting in a heightened sense of wellbeing and happiness. Techniques for stress reduction, self care, energy levels, and overall health. 

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    Culinary Nutritionist and Health Consultant

    Working together to create a personalized nutrition and health program
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    What people are saying after having a session with Mikaela


    Rob Hutter

    Incredibly knowledgeable and immediately helpful. Gave me numerous suggestions on how to implement a improved nutrition strategy that I could begin using this afternoon.

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    Kate Shields

    Mikaela is an amazing expert. She can take you step-by-step in the kitchen, so it's like she's ACTUALLY there with you & helping you along the way :) She's really fun in real life too, so I would highly recommend booking a session with her!

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