Liz McLellan

Liz McLellan

Freelance web practitioner focused on crowd funding, wordpress and social media marketing. Personal Interests in localization, sustainability and food systems.

I offer coaching in social media, wordpress, design and crowdfunding strategy.

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20+ years as a web freelancer.

$40 for the first session,
$80 after that

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    Discussion Topics

    You and Liz could talk about...

    Wordpress - Where to Start?

    Would you like to flesh out your site plans with someone?
    Are you looking into wordpress and finding all the options and choices overwhelming?

    What sort of hosting plan should I choose?
    What about themes? How do I evaluate them?
    What costs can I expect to incur?
    What about security and hackers?
    Let's talk about it!


    Crowdfunding Success - Getting to your Goal

    Are you a creative, a community member or just a person with a great idea who wants to crowd fund your next project?
    Would you like to chat with a person who has run successful crowd funding campaigns?
    Overwhelmed by all the platform options?
    Do you need help evaluating your potential for success? Do you have all the pieces in place for that success to happen? Do you have sufficient time to succeed?
    How to build a mutually supportive network?

    Let's talk!


    Getting My Life Back! Using Social Media Efficiently.

    We have lives! Would you like to talk about ways to use social media more efficiently? Do you feel like you are getting little back for the time you spend on various social media platforms? Are you a small business owner with not much time to spend on social media?
    How to connect with people to have more positive impact?
    How to enlist assistance and support from people - and how to give it.
    Social media is about more than cat pics! It can help you make great ideas real, at the personal, professional and community level.
    If you can think it up - you can get it done.

    Let's talk about your idea and how to make it take off!


    Wordpress Going Mobile!

    Pew Research Center reports:

    • Smartphone sales have become bigger than PC sales
    • 19% of search queries in the travel industry come from mobile Internet usage
    • 38% of UK tablet owners spend more of their time on their device than watching TV
    • Search queries from tablet increased by 23% after Christmas day
    • There were a total of $241 billion mobile transactions in 2011
    • 86% of adults own a mobile phone
    • 53% of adult cellphone owners use it to access the Internet
    • A majority of respondents use their mobile phone to access the Internet since it’s more convenient to use and they always carry it with them everywhere they go.

    Do you need to upgrade your website so that your mobile phone and tablet visitors have an engaging experience? Are you losing those visitors and sales because you are overwhelmed by the process of making your site mobile and tablet ready? Are your mobile visitors bouncing away because your site is out of date and miserable for mobile and tablet users?
    Are you freaked out about the cost?

    Let's talk through some strategies to enter the mobile age - with confidence and on a budget.
    Schedule a session now!

    See the rest of that fascinating Pew Research here.


    Crowdfunding - Campaign Coaching

    Do you need someone to help you with getting clear on each phase of your crowdfunding campaign?
    Would you like a weekly or bi-weekly check in session to make sure you and your campaign is on track and on target?

    How about someone to brainstorm with when you hit a slow patch and it's unclear you will meet your target?

    I will provide accountability and encouragement each step along the way.

    Beginner, Intermediate

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    These folks can vouch for Liz's expertise


    Laurie A. Rich, Esq.

    I brought Liz into INFORM because of her impressive IT and design background. She came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Liz came on board with a vision of how she could help INFORM advance its use of technology to leverage its presence and recognition in the greater community as a top-flight environmental organization. She stayed true to that vision and was ultimately able to accomplish a beautiful and total redesign of INFORM's web site. Liz also introduced the organization to teleconferencing with web-based support and made the group so successful with the technology that other organizations began to seek out INFORM to run their teleconferences. She saw INFORM through a major office move to a different office building, handling all technology transfer, the installation of complex new phone and computer systems and the addition of new web features to INFORM's arsenal of communication options. She was endlessly creative with graphics for both paper and web applications. For instance, for INFORM's annual signature fundraising event -- Green Holidays -- she implemented an online silent auction. Liz was a great asset to INFORM and would be a truly valuable addition to any organization or company seeking a top-notch Design Director and/or New Strategist.

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    Harry Tucker

    Liz is a phenomenal asset to any team. We hired Liz to overhaul our website and her results were far beyond our expectation. She took our website and our user experience to levels we didn't even dream of and in fact, I can state without fear of correction that it was her interface design that REALLY helped sell our application to clients. She took our application to levels exponentially beyond anything on the market - the user experience that she created was second to none! She was also a fabulous team player and contributor and a person that the entire team enjoyed working with. I would hire Liz in an instant for any work in her area of expertise - for her fantastic ability to contribute, for her creativity to help people think beyond their current paradigm and as a great person to have on a team!

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    Virginia Ramsey

    I worked closely with Liz McLellan for 2 1/2 years at a non-profit environmental organization. During that time Liz exhibited exceptional professionalism, and I am pleased to give her my highest recommendation.

    Liz was originally hired at this research organization to do the production work on newsletters and reports, work for which she was well qualified and which she did very well. In fact, she immediately created a new design for our newsletters that singlehandedly gave our organization a badly-needed fresh look.

    However, Liz's most invaluable contribution to the organization was to bring it into the 21st century by making the senior leadership aware of the critical importance of an internet strategy.This was no easy task, as the leadership were accustomed to anachronistic ways of doing business and were not using the website to advantage. Liz showed outstanding leadership skills in this endeavor, making the case that a web strategy was a prerequisite to success and sticking to this position, even though change was not instantaneous.

    Eventually, she did persuade the leadership to adopt a new web strategy. The culmination of this hard work was the design of an exciting and engaging new website. This was an arduous task, involving the relocation of extensive research archives, and Liz is to be commended for doing all this work solo and under deadline, .

    As the old website had been an embarrassment for years, Liz's new site gave the organization a powerful feeling of re-invigoration. The board and staff were all amazed with the results of her hard work and grateful to her for accomplishing what no one else had been able to do.

    Personally, Liz is a committed and effective professional. She works very hard and brings more than the usual dedication to her work. She is a passionate environmentalist and a creative thinker and resourceful planner. She is also an excellent designer and produced numerous invitations and material for the development department that were unique and compelling.

    All in all, Liz is a strong asset to any organization; and she is also a lot of fun!

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    Sophie Cardona

    Liz is a sharp, articulate, well-rounded and resourceful strategic thinker, who excels at systems analysis and process/project management. Liz is passionate about her work, as well as a dedicated and supportive team player.

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    Nathan Ackerman

    Liz and I worked together on a video aimed at the environmental consequences of an era where technology becomes obsolete practically overnight --check out the secret life of cell phones on you tube. It wasn't long before I realized that Liz was dedicated to the environmental cause, knew what she was talking about, and could communicate it to others effectively. she's also one of the most down to earth, new yorkers i've ever met. she rocks.

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    Raz Rasmussen

    Liz did a fantastic job reinventing our website at Wallowa Llamas. She is easy to work with and has expert knowledge of technical issues.

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    Linda Cordtz

    Liz, came highly recommended as a web expert, helping implement our Indiegogo fund-raiser campaign. From the start we understood clearly that she is very knowledgeable with Social Media/Web Strategy and the workings within. We enjoyed her and the innovative idea's that were proposed. Pooling her resources with ours made our fund-raiser a learning experience and a grand success. She encouraged us to learn and grow as a business, we look forward to working with her again.

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