Ingrid Sanders

Ingrid Sanders

In 2012 I took a six-month sabbatical and spent over 1,000 hours learning new things from experts. During this time I became: - Certified as a Yoga teacher under Jivamukti with an emphasis on meditation - Certified as a Health Coach under the Institute for Integrative Nutrition with an emphasis on vegetarian and vegan nutrition. Then I started popexpert.

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    Discussion Topics

    You and Ingrid could talk about...

    How to live life like you're on sabbatical

    Learn what it is like to take six months of sabbatical and spend time studying the things you have  always been drawn to in life.  Gain tips and tools to help you learn how to incorporate a sabbatical-like life into your daily living.

    Mindfulness in a busy life

    It seems that just about everyone is "too busy" these days, but that doesn't mean you have to be too busy to develop and sustain a mindfulness practice.  Learn simple tools to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily life in a way that transforms your relationships and overall effectiveness.

    The life of an entrepreneur

    Ever wondered what it is like to start a company?  Think of how demanding you could possibly imagine it to be and then imagine it is even more so.  But that doesn't mean it is impossible.  Learn how I am navigating this journey one step at a time, and gain practical tips to start down your own path.

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    Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship

    Learn how to incorporate mindfulness into the crazy busy, obsessive life of an entrepreneur. I'll share my tips and tricks and show you it is actually possible.
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    What people are saying after having a session with Ingrid


    Nancy Pina

    Ingrid is a very insightful, thoughtful woman with a very bright future.

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    Angie Godfrey

    She inspires me to be the best I can be.

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    Dr. Sean Sullivan

    Wonderful to talk to you again, Ingrid!

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    Kelsey Campion

    An entrepreneurial inspiration with a passion for growth.

    Reviewed on

    Roxanne Darling

    I experienced Ingrid as thoughtful, engaging, open-minded and open-hearted - some of my favorite traits! Thank you for having the session with me.

    Reviewed on

    Chris Conly

    Ingrid is my best online Ukulele student! She runs a great company too!

    Reviewed on

    Emily Hite, RYT-500

    Ingrid is mind-bodied and body-minded: A certified Jivamukti instructor, she practices balance as both a beautiful yogini and expert on many subjects. Meeting with Ingrid, it's clear how popexpert has developed to facilitate meaningful exchanges through a novel form of online learning. I can't wait to further explore popexpert's network of interesting people!

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    Sioma Waisburd

    I had a great session with Ingrid. Her integration of Nutrition, Start-ups and mindfulness created a very unique and valuable feedback. I highly recommend her.

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    Lyn Graft

    Had a great session with Ingrid learning about her experience in nutrition, meditation and yoga and how and why the face-to-face sessions that Popexpert facilitates work so well for its learning community. The sessions enable personalized interaction between experts and those that are wanting to learn and/or experience a topic or skill in a one-on-one setting almost as if it were in person. Looking forward to having more Popexpert sessions and watching their story unfold.

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    Shauna Mackenzie

    We had a great meeting! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ingrid.

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    Sohan Kaur Khalsa

    Ingrid is a bright and happy soul with a lot of heart to share with everyone.

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    These folks can vouch for Ingrid's expertise


    Bill Blair

    Ingrid is able to actively and effectively contribute to many levels of major initiatives. Her project leadership and strategic and creative development, make Ingrid an invaluable asset to any group.

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    Jeff Ragovin

    I have had the opportunity to work with Ingrid through several partnership opportunities- She is resourceful, has good business ethic and integrity. There are not many challenges she cannot tackle. I would not hesitate in recommending October and Ingrid to anyone looking to gain a deeper insight of their customer base and to market to them more efficiently.

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    Dennis Ahlgrim

    Ingrid is more than a smart, effective, and talented colleague, with whom I had the pleasure of working with for several years — she's also a trusted and valuable friend. Her intelligence and hard work is matched only by the loyalty and support she extends to those around her.

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    Andries de Villiers

    I can safely say that Ingrid is one of the most knowledgeable and forward thinking individuals in the digital advertising space. It is no surprise to me that she is continually put in the drivers seat to take companies to the next level.

    Ingrid is very effective at understanding a client's need and providing the perfect solution, especially at the enterprise level. If I could get her on my team, I would do so in a heartbeat.

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    Stephen Messer

    Who in the world is like Ingrid. She can enter a room and know everyone in minutes. She can find an opportunity you did not know existed and then make it succeed. She has found every new industry before it was an industry and then helped to make it huge. Ingrid has an eye for the industry and can creatively see where the world is going to be. Honesty, integrity are all the markings of a great person. I am proud to know Ingrid.

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