Aliza Sherman

Aliza Sherman

I offer one-on-one video & tele-coaching to fine tune how you communicate, market, work and create. Also a published writer of 10 books. Hire me to help you navigate book writing and publishing. I've published with major publishers including Random House, Penguin Putnam, Wiley and Adams Media.

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    Untether Your Life: 4 Easy Steps to Digital Zen | Aliza Sherman presents: Work Life Tech Zen

    Take small steps to make big changes in how you handle your communications devices. Turn your electronic device back into a useful communications t...


    Social Media Engagement for...Smarties

    I co-authored a book about engaging with your customers and prospects using social media tools and platforms. Covers best practices for being more ...

    Book, magazine or article

    Starting a Business from Home

    If you're looking to start a business from home, I've co-authored a book about it. "Mom, Incorporated" takes a holistic approach to taking an idea ...

    Book, magazine or article

    Empowerment for the Woman in Business

    In my book, "PowerTools for Women in Business: 10 Ways to Succeed in Work and Life," I detailed concrete ways to apply sound advice into actions th...

    Book, magazine or article

    Feeling Stuck with Social Media? 7 Tips to Build Real Community

    I've been online since 1987. Back in the dark ages of the Internet, it was actually dark. Online communities were represented by light text on a bl...

    Book, magazine or article

    Writing a Winning Book Proposal

    So you want to be a published author? What does it take to get a nonfiction book deal? A great idea is a good start. But publishers these days look...

    Book, magazine or article

    Discussion Topics

    You and Aliza could talk about...

    Authors: Write a Winning Nonfiction Book Proposal

    So you want to write a nonfiction book? Learn step-by-step how to write a complete, compelling book proposal to help you get an agent or get a book deal. Craft a book proposal that gives publishing decision-makers the confidence to work with you, even as a first-time writer. Hire me to shape your book idea into a winning proposal.

    Beginner, Intermediate

    Authors: Build Your Platform

    Need to build a platform online to market your book? Marketing any book in this day and age is challenging and often requires a good knowledge of social media marketing. Hire me to brainstorm solid, creative ways to get your book out there into the hands of readers who will love it!

    Beginner, Intermediate

    Aspiring Authors: So You Want to Write a Book?

    You've got an idea for a book but a blank computer screen (or blank paper)? Don't know where in the world to begin. Sound familiar? Hire me to help you get unstuck, to better articulate your idea, and to work through starting a book from just an idea.

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    Personal Branding: Going from WHO to WOW!

    Is your personal brand failing to attract the right attention? Having a hard time articulating what you do or why people should connect with you or hire you? I'll evaluate your online presence (or lack of one) and come up with some real tactics you can put into place TODAY to boost your personal brand online. Hire me for a one-on-one consultation or for a month of your customized Personal Brand Reboot (sm).


    Speakers: Craft and Prep A Stellar Speech

    Want to give a speech and not sure how to coalesce your topic? Have a great topic and not sure if the flow of your speech is quite right? I've got over 25 years of public speaking experience and am invited regularly to speak around the world. Hire me to help you home in on your core ideas and polish your delivery.

    Beginner, Intermediate

    Life: Need Some Input? Pick My Brain, Please!

    Want an hour of my time? Whether you're stuck in a career rut, drawing a blank in a brainstorm, or need a more responsive sounding board to your new idea, I'm that extra brain you need! Let's talk through the process of making things happen! Hire me to cultivate change in your career and motivate you NOW!

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

    Life: Get to Less Stress, More Zen

    Overloaded, overwhelmed and over connected? Let me guide you to a practice of disconnecting to reconnect. Move toward a more stress-free routine of connecting with purpose and being more mindful of your technology use and how it is affecting your health, relationships, and focus. Hire me to get gain the skills to get to #WorkLifeTechZen.

    Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

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    Return to Your Roots

    Let's book 3 sessions over the next 3 months to help you embrace your gray. We'll check in on your progress, celebrate returning to your roots, and work through the challenges that may be coming up as you go through this transition. Part strategy and tips, part pep talk. #GoGray
    3 weekly sessions for $350 Purchase

    Writing a Stellar Book Nonfiction Book Proposal

    Want to write a nonfiction book? Learn how to write a thorough, attractive book proposal suited for obtaining an agent or getting a book deal.
    3 weekly sessions for $350 Purchase

    Polish That Speech

    Let's take your topic from the seed of an idea to a dynamic, cogent speech. And let's spiff up your delivery while we're at it.
    3 daily sessions for $300 Purchase


    What people are saying after having a session with Aliza


    Matt Burnaford

    Aliza was no-nonsense. The feedback was frank, concise and impactful. It's great to talk to someone who's willing and happy to provide open and honest feedback in only 30 minutes.

    Reviewed on

    Chris Kweks

    Aliza Sherman is entirely awesome! She made me re-think the entire process at Microbold. Thumbs up to her...

    Reviewed on

    Marcy Tepper

    She is very knowledgeable about her subjects. I will use her again in the future after I get my homework done first!

    Reviewed on

    Rebecca J Richardson

    Wow! Aliza is phenomenal. We had a great session, kicking around some big ideas about starting my own business. She had a wealth of information to share with me (as a multi-business owner) and was very generous with her expertise. I am looking forward to working though her advice in the coming weeks and months. This is exactly what I thought Popexpert would be!

    Reviewed on

    Farrah Haidar

    Aliza is great! Very personable, experienced and giving. She really helped me formulate new thoughts around my idea. Definitely will talk to her again.

    Reviewed on

    Eli Kariv

    Loved it so much! Aliza is incredibly brilliant and was so helpful :)

    Reviewed on

    Cheryl J

    Friendly and practical. I got some good specific tips and ideas about task and time management, about a potential business I am working on, and about life in general. Thanks!

    Reviewed on

    Chris Conly

    I love working with new experts who are quick to adapt new skills! Aliza was right with me all the way as we covered everything from tuning, to open chords, to movable shapes and transpositions. I definitely recommend working with her!

    Reviewed on