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By Summer Rayne Oakes
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  • Relationships

8 Tips for Keeping Your Relationship Exciting

No matter what way you slice it, relationships with significant others always require work. Even the best ones can grow a little too… well… comfortable, which is why I was stoked when my good friend Kate Dillon recently opened up in a conversation about what can keep a marriage ...

about 16 hours
By Erica Sawers
Meet for $75 for the first session.
  • Nutrition

​7 Habits of Highly Effective Eaters

As an adventurer in health and conscious nutrition I have tried a number of diets and lifestyles. Over the years I have tried macrobiotics, raw food, vegetarian and veganism, paleo and gluten-free. I take a flexetarian approach and combine the various traditions with ...

1 day
By Erica Diamond
Meet for $122 for the first session.
  • Career Mentoring

Returning To The Workforce After Baby: 6 Strategies and Tips

An increasing number of women are taking a few years off from their careers to have children and are then re-entering the workforce once their kids are in school. These women are called sequencing moms ...

3 days
By Barbara Burgess-Camardella, CPT, CYT
Meet for $50 for the first session.
  • Play

3 Things Every Yoga Instructor Should Know Before They Teach Their First Class

The first yoga class that I ever taught was a disaster! The following list is only three of the hundreds of things I learned from basically being a crappy yoga teacher in the beginning of my career. Keeping these things ...

4 days
By Bassam Tarazi
Meet for $124 for the first session.
  • Productivity

​How to (Really) Make it in America

We are incessantly blasted with the notion of Making It. In fact, it’s what some people would call: The American Dream. However, I think it’s a dangerous game to play because Making It is always relative to our current situation in life and how we might feel one day in the future. It presumes that a particular destination even exists ...

7 days
By Lillian Charles
Meet for $32 for the first session.
  • Style

Kick the Grass-is-Greener Mentality

I quite literally have nothing to complain about. My family is healthy (and hilarious), I am in great shape, I have a closet full of kick-a clothes, my friends are authentic, loving, supportive humans, I am able to support myself financially ...

8 days
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